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Archive for March 13th, 2010

This is brilliant. A cryptic quiz- you need to figure out the game names amongst the pixel town. Has a heavy 80s arcade game bias, which suits me to the ground!

Arcade Aid

I had to give up and start cheating at 44/56. I don’t feel so bad about that, there were only a few more that I recognised.

“Just say what you see!”

There are some great social/network/educational events coming up over the next few months.

These are the ones on my radar:

March 13th-14th Maker Faire, Newcastle (the Centre for Life / Discovery Museum, Newcastle)

Saturday and Sunday day-time.

March 20th-21st: BarCamp North-East 3 (the Centre for Life, Newcastle)

A full weekend, including overnight. Twitter #bcne3more info from me.

March 25th: Tyne Twestival (The Tyne Bar, Newcastle)

7pm-11pm – more info from me.

March 29th: SuperMondays – SuperMobile (The Beehive, Newcastle University)

6pm onwards

April 28th: DIBI – Design It. Build It: A Two-Track Web Conference (The Sage, Gateshead)

A full-day conference

April 29th: Thursday Fizz

Evening Networking – postponed… June?

July 15th-16th Webdurance (The Culture Lab, Newcastle University)

A 24-hour ‘hack’ event to update websites for charities for free March

You think you play games on your own terms for a bit of controlled entertainment?

Well, perhaps.

The following article breaks down some very clear addictive behaviours, using well-established, accepted psychological experimental backing.

Is this a problem? Depends what sort of personality you have. I can certainly recognise parts of my own addictive behaviour here:

“5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted”


Nice infographic on BBC news:

“SuperPower: Visualising the internet”

I grabbed this for PC a few months ago in a Steam sale and played it through.

Just noticed that it’s only £1.79 for iPhone. I’m having that too!


UPDATE: Looks like a really good translation- identical, as far as I can see. So far (level 2-5), there’s a little slowdown on my iPhone 2G, and the game suffers a bit unless you have transparent hands, but overall- neat!

Just had an SMS from pops in New Zealand. Wellington had some shock weather- temperature apparently dropped from 20 degrees to 8 in six minutes, accompanied by 130kph winds. Yowser!

NZ Herald

Last time they had strong winds, he lost his garden furniture from the deck over the four-foot high fence; spotted a couple of months later in the bushy embankment! Hear