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Archive for June, 2010

We returned to Newcastle University’s Culture Lab for June’s event, which had a ‘freelancing’ theme.

The talks explored how to shape a CV, tools to help freelance workflow and possible methods for passive, secondary income.

Paul Easton, on Journalists

Before the scheduled speakers, Paul Easton gave a short talk to encourage freelancers to engage with offline media journalists.

Journalists are always on the lookout for good stories, particularly if you can provide a radical opinion, local or topical item. If you can offer exclusivity, then they’ll be even keener!

If you’re writing a press release, keep it punchy and don’t swamp it in adjectives- that’ll be easier for a journalist to use.

You should try to supply a good, relevant and high-quality photograph – these can carry a story and seriously increase your article size.

Most journalists are very approachable, so don’t feel intimidated.

When questioned, Paul suggested steering clear of advertorial- it’s often very obvious and a lack of authenticity won’t do you any favours.

General Admin

Paul mentioned that offices were available at Hoults Yard. He gave an example outlay of £300/month.

Those interested in a Ruby User Group should get in contact with Lee Irving (@magpieuk)

Other Talks

Detailed write-ups of the other talks will appear here over the next couple of days.

Further References

Phil Sherry has published a clear and concise report.

I’ve just updated this site from WordPress 2.9.2 to the brand new stable release of WordPress 3.0.

The upgrade process was very simple, and everything appears to have gone smoothly… brilliant!