I picked up an old Amiga 1200 from the ‘computer jumble sale’ organised by Polytechnic:

More junk? Yes, well.. no!

I’ve got a few boxes full of old Amiga discs in a cupboard, which will have been gradually magnetically deteriorating. Quite a few of them contain bits and pieces I entertained myself creating in my teens- music, graphics and code. I can try and salvage this nostalgia by buying an Amiga PCMCIA CompactFlash card adapter and using that to transfer the data to my PC- and should then be able to revive it under an emulator.

The machine seems to be in great working order, and came with 1084S monitor too.

It appears to boot up into a music player unless I insert a disc, which isn’t what I was expecting, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out… :)

The plan is to transfer all personal data from these Amiga discs, then I can (finally) chuck ‘em!