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In the battle of binary versus brainy, binary wins out.

The audio shone. Daft Punk hurl Vangelis against The Matrix to produce a stunning orchestral/electro soundtrack – quite different from their usual style. You can listen to it on Spotify.

Epic-scale blue and orange neon visuals were intense. There was some good use of 3D – I flinched twice, though an almost apologetic note appeared at the beginning of the film: ‘This film includes both 2D and 3D scenes. The 2D scenes are intentional’ – served to highlight the amount of 2D-only filming. The big visual hole was CGI Jeff Bridges, who spent a good proportion of his initial scenes with his back to the camera. Sometimes convincing, but more often hitting the uncanny bit of uncanny valley.

Narrative and dialogue were less than stellar- requiring quite a lot of buy-in from the viewer for both setting and ongoing plot. The movie also included some awkward set-piece choreography, such as Sam’s initial tool-up.

Overall, probably worth seeing at the cinema for the spectacle but you shouldn’t expect too much more – though fans of attractive girls squeaking around in rubber suits will not be disappointed.

I saw this at the Tyneside Cinema, which was a pleasant experience- their staff are all very friendly and seats comfortable (Electra screen). Their new fancy 3D glasses did cause me a bit of concern- they’re heavy enough to pinch your nose, causing some discomfort and leave a couple of tell-tale red marks by your departure!

From the starting blocks this seems promising, with a talented cast and reasonable premise pushing a mildly amusing film.

It starts to falter half-way through as the plot remains basic, direction becomes laboured and dialogue turns super schmaltzy.

It scrapes over the finish line clutching the ending you can see coming 26 miles off.

Verdict: If you like Richard Curtis Brit romcoms (I don’t!) and can tolerate having a plotline slowly and surely drilled through your skull, then you might like this.