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Here are some examples of neat interactive visualisers people have been creating with HTML Canvas, Flash and Processing (Java):

Harmony, and other portfolio / interactive bits by the amazing MrDoob.

Flame artwork generator and other experiments by Peter Blaskovic.

Experiments by Karsten Schmidt using Processing.


Mar 29

This sort of thing keeps me going!..

President Obama looks at awesome things.

The Daily Mail song [YouTube].

This is brilliant. A cryptic quiz- you need to figure out the game names amongst the pixel town. Has a heavy 80s arcade game bias, which suits me to the ground!

Arcade Aid

I had to give up and start cheating at 44/56. I don’t feel so bad about that, there were only a few more that I recognised.

“Just say what you see!”

You think you play games on your own terms for a bit of controlled entertainment?

Well, perhaps.

The following article breaks down some very clear addictive behaviours, using well-established, accepted psychological experimental backing.

Is this a problem? Depends what sort of personality you have. I can certainly recognise parts of my own addictive behaviour here:

“5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted”


Nice infographic on BBC news:

“SuperPower: Visualising the internet”

I’ve gone all this time not knowing that holding down Windows key and pressing ‘E’ will open a new explorer window.

There are plenty more keyboard short-cuts for the curious power user!